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There have been four CRADLE projects to date:

  • CRADLE 1 incorporated field studies in Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe to determine the need for blood pressure monitoring and gain valuable feedback on the first model of the device.
  • CRADLE 2 is being undertaken in South Africa, Nigeria, Mozambique and India with the aim of developing and evaluating the traffic light early warning system, whilst assessing the acceptability of its use in the community.
  • CRADLE 3 has commenced in November 2015 and is a multicentre trial in 10 low-income sites that aims to determine whether introduction of the device can reduce maternal mortality and morbidity.
  • CRADLE 4 will be launched in Zambia and India from September 2018 to establish whether planned early delivery for women with pre-eclampsia has the potential to reduce both maternal and neonatal morbidity and mortality. The trial will use the CRADLE VSA to accurately identify women suitable for the intervention.
  • OTHER CRADLE PROJECTS include field studies in Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Haiti, India, Bangladesh, Ethiopia and Sierra Leone.


For further information about these trials please see the corresponding page.