• Improving Women’s Health Worldwide

    The CRADLE team aim to improve global women’s health through innovative research. We are passionate about simple, effective solutions to improve maternal care and reduce maternal deaths.

  • Aims of the CRADLE Projects

    • Create a device capable of accurately detecting abnormalities in women’s vital signs during pregnancy.
    • Develop this device so that it is specifically suitable for use in under resourced environments.
    • Assess the introduction of this device into routine care of women in communities and hospitals in low and middle-income countries.
    • Determine whether introduction of the device improves the healthcare that women receive and therefore reduces rates of maternal death and severe illness.
  • How To Use The CRADLE Device

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Learn more about the phases of the CRADLE trials

  There have been three CRADLE projects to date: CRADLE 1 incorporated field studies in Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe to determine the need for blood pressure monitoring and gain valuable feedback on the first model of the device. CRADLE 2 is being undertaken in South Africa, Nigeria, Mozambique and India […]

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Our Collaborators

Check in on our collaborators who are also working hard to improve healthcare in low-resource settings around the world.

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