First Implementation- Freetown, Sierra Leone

The implementation in Sierra Leone started successfully on 30th May.  The picture below shows the Microlife CRADLE VSA being delivered by a digger!Devices deliveredAlong with our local data collector Jesse, we had the support of midwife Becky. Becky is a UK midwife that joined the Welbodi team in Freetown during the implementation week. She will stay out for one year helping to run the trial. Our team did a great job at delivering the training and the training package and CRADLE VSA were really well received. During ur stay we visited the wards and the secondary hospital to follow up training. As we made our rounds we were so pleased to see the VSA in use already.

We are pleased to announce that the next site to implement at the start of August 2016 will be Mulago, Uganda! We very much look forward to visiting and supporting the team.