Following the success of CRADLE 1 the Kings CRADLE group were successful in obtaining generous further funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Grand Challenges Explorations ($1 Million). The second phase of the project has a number of elements:

  1. To further technologically adapt the device to enhance its suitability for low and middle income country environment and accuracy in hypotension measurement in a simulated environment.
  2. To use existing data sets of women with post partum haemorrhage to develop the ‘traffic light warning system’ to identify women at the highest risk of poor clinical outcome.
  3. To prospectively evaluate of the use of the device and the traffic light system in assessment of life threatening maternal conditions associated with hypotension e.g. haemorrhage and sepsis (South Africa) in high-risk institutional setting.
  4. To undertake field evaluation of the device in a community setting, in assessment of hypertensive disorders of pregnancy, and process evaluation of the acceptability, usability and feasibility of the device in the CLIP study (India, Pakistan, Mozambique and Nigeria).

This trial started in January 2015 and is due to complete in March 2016

South Africa team members from left to right – Natasha, Pippa Readhead (RA Groote Schuur), Erika Van Papendorp (RA Tygerberg), Annemarie de Greeff (RA coordinator and RA at Kimberley), Andy, Hannah